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VRI Services

In 2020, many clients turned to online /remote services as an alternative to in-person, on-site interpreting services. SignTalk® quickly adapted and expanded its VRI services to accommodate Deaf and hard of hearing students attending classes, patients in need of emergency and ongoing care, consumers addressing daily concerns, and those attending educational, work, or governmental presentations and events.

VRI increases efficiency and flexibility, providing equal access and full participation to Deaf and hard of hearing individuals - students, patients, employees, clients, event attendees, etc. seeking alternatives to onsite services.


We work with all platforms -- Zoom®, Microsoft® Teams®, Google®  Meet®, WebEx®, BlueJeans®, Cisco®, YouTube®, Facebook®, etc., --  to ensure communication with people in a different location -- in a wide variety of settings, including schools, hospitals, physicians’ offices, mental health care settings, police stations, financial institutions, and workplaces. 

Interpreters may provide services remotely

  • in real time with the interpreter joining the class, or the physician's appointment or scheduled event

  • by uploading and embedding the interpretation into a previously recorded lesson or presentation


Our experienced tech personnel is available to assist, instruct, facilitate, correct or repair technological glitches, test systems prior to presentations, and create best practices and user-friendly structures to enhance communication and ensure seamless and professional transmission of services.

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