Sign language interpreters/transliterators are selected for their expertise as well as their attitude, dedication and the ability to convey the complete message - including the feelings and emotions expressed - with clarity and fidelity. Sign language interpreters/transliterators must be familiar with the community's culture and social and psychological dynamics and adhere to the RID National Code of Ethics.

Ongoing and per diem jobs are referred based on the sign interpreter's specialized skill, availability and personal preferences - and in accordance to the client's specifications and needs.

We are currently seeking:

New York City: Certified and Qualified Interpreters to work in hospital and educational settings. On-Call Interpreters may opt to reserve specific days and boroughs. Eligible candidates will need fingerprinting by the NYCDOE for school placements.

Florida: Orange & Brevard Public Schools. Qualified Interpreters - Full-time (through June) placements available as well as On-Call interpreting. Interpreters may schedule specific days and counties.

At SignTalk®, sign language interpreters enjoy -

  • State-of-the-art administrative support

  • Flexible Schedules

  • Competitive Rates and Direct Deposit

  • Seminars led by highly qualified professionals

  • Opportunities for professional advancement

  • Opportunities to network with other professionals in the field